Who You Become Will Be Decided By Your Surrounding
Who You Become Will Be Decided By Your Surrounding

Who You Become Will Be Decided By Your Surrounding

I am sure you have heard this multiple times from some awesome people, “If you want to be successful, hang around with successful people.”

If you are a parent, you are very careful about the types of people your child associate with, and you make sure that the child is away from negative types of people. 


Don’t you think that association with “motivated people & Grateful people” also matters for adults?


That’s what my latest podcast is talking about the types of people we need to associate with.




If you like reading, then let me give you a gist of what you can get in the podcast.


Let me start with my story: I have grown up in Cuttack, a mid-size town in Odisha.

We are a family of 5, Mom, Dad & 3 siblings. I am the younger most, and my sister is the elder most.

My Mom has done her studies till the 3rd Standard. And My Dad has not completed his 10th Standard as well.


While growing up, the types of people I was associated with in my real life, my game of life was not leading to the road to success. I was not even aware of the level of success intelligent people carry. 


I had no direction in life. The outlook on life was limited. And the happiness in life was revolving around food and sleep.


I didn’t know the term “personal growth.” 


I didn’t know the “human nature” of “passionate people.”

I didn’t know that successful people are “principled person.” 

I didn’t know that smartest person are the types of people who are naturally positive people.

I didn’t know that I have negative energy and a negative outlook on life.

I didn’t know what a quality life meant.

I didn’t know what amazing people do?

The only thing I knew was a success in life is all about making more money.


I have never seen the discussion of the future happening in the family.


In real life, my Mom had a dream beyond survival. She was visualizing an awesome life for us where we are away from negative people.


She wanted me and my brother to read and become a doctor. I chose not to read at all, and I dropped out of school in 1991 when I was just 13 years of age. 

It was easy to drop out of school for three reasons:

1) My association was of the wrong people, no one was educated. So how does it matter if I also dropped out of school?

2) The discussion around us was always around the lack of money, so the only thought I was having is let me start making money and why to waste my precious time in academics.

3) No one was having clarity about life, and I didn’t know that we need to have goals in life, or else we will become a failure in life.

Somehow, due to my Mom’s pressure, I completed my 10th grade through correspondence in 1993, with flying colors and a whopping 44%.

When there’s no environment of inspiration, Even 44% looks superb….

Lesson learned: We need a quality environment.


But my Mom was not happy, she wanted me to become a Doctor, and I was adamant that I am not the doctor no matter what.


She tried motivating me by whatever means she knew, but nothing worked because of the association.


Luckily, she admitted me to a coaching center where I came across ambitious people. They were the kinds of people who were focused people. They were enthusiastic people.


This new association was passing energy on people. This served as an environment optimisation for me.


That’s where my Journey of Success began and my connections with people who were growth minded people gave me clarity on the heights of success, and what a happier life would look like.


What happened after that you won’t believe…. 


For the climax, morale, and what you need to look for in the association, you can go through the podcast.


I would love to hear from you about your experience with the association.