7 ways to lead in crisis
7 ways to lead in crisis

7 ways to lead in crisis

The time we are going through right now needs a lot of deliberation to prove our leadership. 

Let me remind you, Leadership is not by position or by title.

“Effective leaders” are “servant leaders.” They create a team & have the coaching capacity.

Effective leaders make plans and strategy along with the core values of the organization.

The role of Leader is to create the business & bring hope. That’s why leaders are known as “Dealer in Hope.”

Leadership is tested on tough ground, not on the old happy days.

When things are not moving, when we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s when “Dealers in hope” are needed in Coaching the team and giving them the plan to believe in.

Servant leaders are good at Connecting the efforts and sacrifice to the values of the organization and showing the team the big picture which eventually improves the performance of the organization.

When people can’t see meaning in their work, that’s when leadership is needed to showcase how their work is making a meaningful contribution and aligned with the values of the organization.

When people are not sure what is the right goal, someone gets up, removes the clutter from the mind, and gives a clear picture of the present and a brighter future. That eventually improves the performance of the organization.

When nobody believes that there is hope, that’s when “Effective leaders” emerge from nowhere, and he/she cast the vision of a brighter future and shows the plans, and starts coaching the organization for making things happen.

Are you the one who can bring that momentum and hope in the organization?

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