Top 4 wrong assumptions that are spoiling your career
Top 4 wrong assumptions that are spoiling your career

Top 4 wrong assumptions that are spoiling your career

In my coaching and Mentoring sessions, these are the following questions I ask:

How confident are you that you have discovered a satisfying purpose for your life?

How clearly do you understand what it is that makes your life feel worthwhile?

How well do you understand what gives your life meaning? 

How well can you describe your purpose?

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How much effort are you putting into making your goals a reality?

The moment I ask these questions, I see them going into deep thinking mode.

I have collected the data from 792 people on this topic in my Saturday evening growth sessions.

I found the reason people struggle to answer these questions is due to the 4 fatal mistakes they make in their life as far as finding out the purpose is concerned.

The first common mistake is the assumption that our purpose will come one fine day while sleeping.

It’s a belief people inherited from the movies. Where the hero is sitting below a tree, and one day an apple falls on, and it strikes an idea. Wow, that is your purpose, and that’s how the majority thinks the purpose is found. 

That’s not how a successful person finds his/her purpose.

Due to the assumption that one fine day God will knock on our door and connect us to an opportunity or an idea, people keep waiting their entire life.

If I talk about my journey, it didn’t happen quickly or automatically. I did not know the purpose of my life till the age of 32. 

I was living a successful life, but it was not a meaningful life.

A bunch of times, I had to ask tough questions to myself, which led to bold arguments with myself.

Finally, I got my creative process by sitting with myself weekly once and taking deep breaths, and kept asking my definition of life.

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 The second common pitfall of identifying our purpose is we do not know how to do it. 

What I have found is, it’s like an editorial process. We need to have an action plan and use our mind tools.

The solution is to hang around with smart people who are good at time management and don’t see life negatively. 

Verywell mind people are rarely available free, so be prepared to find a personal coach. I invest 20K USD in my personal growth.

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The third mistake they make is they wait for the right time.

Whenever you ask yourself difficult questions on definitions of life or alternative life forms, your brain will freeze, and you will feel like it’s alien life.

In my experience, you have to start now. If you don’t start now, you view life in a negative light.

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The 4th mistake they make is they don’t want to make mistakes.

The biggest problem with smart people is that after having all the action plan, all the mind tools, all the time management knowledge when they start and make one mistake, they take it to their heart. And despite being a verywell mind person, they get stuck without ever finding out their purpose.

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